Monday, January 25, 2010

Handsome Frank Is Coming to a Pocket Near You

In case you missed the announcement from the Federal Reserve Banks on the wildly popular web site, Fedflash, on December 15, 2009, the distribution schedule for the 2010 Franklin Pierce Dollar is:

Special order period: April 29, 2010 – June 3, 2010. Public release date: May 20, 2010
Can't you feel the anticipation building? I can--or maybe its the shredded wheat I had for breakfast.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Franklin Pierce in the Top Five!

Let's face it--trying to find new or interesting information about someone as obscure as Franklin Pierce is a Herculean task. Therefore, the author takes some topical license, and publishes the occasional post about Handsome Frank's namesake university. While President Pierce's name perpetually dwells near the bottom of any ranking of U.S. presidents, the women's basketball team at FPU continues to enjoy unbridled success. Led by English standout Johannah Leedham, the Lady Ravens are now 10-0 this season and are ranked number two in the USA Today ESPN Division II Coaches' Poll, behind the Michigan Tech Huskies (an unfortunate moniker for a women's team, don't you think?). When I went to the Michigan Tech web site, I had a pretty good idea the campus was on the upper pennisula when I saw the title of the lead news story on the home page: "Can Snowmobiles Adapt in the Age of Ethanol?"